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Border Collie Rescue - On Line - 2018 Calendar

Welcome to our 2018 Calendar supplement section

If you are here because you have purchased one of our calendars, thank you for your custom and support.
All profits from the sale of these calendars goes to helping us continue to help dogs that need us.

The Calendar is for 2018 and this supplement is intended to be available during the time it is in use.

Mia, Bella and Sam hav been uploaded.
At the beginning of each subsequent month the story of the dog for that month will be uploaded.

In the menu on the left are links to pages for each of the dogs featured in the calendar. The pictures also contain links to the dogs page.
These are all dogs we have rescued.

They have come to us for all sorts of reasons and from all sorts of homes  and and they are all very different in background, appearance, character and drive and so have ended up in many different types of homes according to their individual needs.

They are companions, sheepdogs, PAT dogs and dogs training and competing in Working Trials.

Some came in as unwanted pets, some as non workers from farms and some as loved and respected animals who's owners did not want to part with them but found themselves in circumstances that obliged them to do so.

Their stories are interesting and the reasons some of them have ended up in completely different types of homes than the ones they came to us from are enlightening.

It is our intention, not only to tell their backgrounds and problems and to illustrate how these problems were overcome, but to also tell why these factors have contributed to the sort of home they have ended up in and how they have shown us what sort of home they really needed.

Thank you for your support. Come back soon.