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Border Collie Rescue - On Line - Case Histories and Examples
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I quote - "If I have any beliefs about immortality, it is that certain dogs I have known will go to heaven, and very very few persons." - James Thurber.
In this section of our Website you can meet and read about some of the dogs that have been (or are still) in Border Collie Rescue care

There are many more stories in another section of our website - here -

Celebrate Your Dog
Dot - A true friend and colleague.
Shetland Tess - The remarkable story of a stray dog from Shetland
Sally and Her pups - Born in Rescue - Photo & video history
Natalia - RSPCA Cruelty Prosecution case
A Proper Little Gentleman - A very Nervous Case
Annie - The story of a golden 'Oldie'
Rosie - From aggression to 'mans best friend'.
Kane (re-named Cain) - Puppy farm bred and a real survivor
Some more Case Histories - Short stories about 9 dogs

The Wily Sheepdog - a Blind Working Sheep Dog

Patch - Letters from a rehomed dog about life, the universe and anything
You are Here   >>> Dogs in care >>> Case Histories and Examples

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