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Scottish Assessment and Rehabilitation Centre

Border Collie Rescue is a charitable institution operating under charitable law
in England, Wales and Scotland.

Registered throughout the UK as Border Collie Rescue - Charity No 1128983 (UK) - Charity No SC040796 (Scotland) and incorporated as a Non Profit Distributing Charitable Company No 3037504.

Centre and Yard

Border Collie Rescue is setting up a centre for the assessment and rehabilitation of dogs in Scotland

It consist of a smallholding with 14 acres of land, a farmhouse for staff and guests and a range of outbuildings to be converted for various purposes and will be run in a similar way to our previous centre near York. This time, however, it is not rented, we own it.

Set in a remote location, half a mile up a private track from a single lane road and 2 miles from the nearest village, it is a remote and quiet 'house of healing' for the traumatised and unsocialised dogs we take in.
It will also function as a centre where we will be able to assess incoming dogs for working interest and ability in herding and for a variety of other jobs and disciplines and we will be able to offer these services to other organisations and members of the public by prior arrangement.

The centre will be open for students to stay on 7 to 14 day residential courses to learn about Border Collies, sheepdogs and canine behaviour.
It will also be open to small school groups to attend for educational purposes.

As well as providing accommodation for residential dogs undergoing behavioural modification programs or passing through for assessment and training, the centre will provide limited fostering accommodation for dogs who's owners are temporarily unable to keep them due to short term hospitalisation and convalescence. 
Rather than having to part with their dogs we will look after them until they can go back to their owner and we will not charge for this service.
To qualify the dogs owner will have to demonstrate they have no alternative means of accommodating their dog available to them, be means tested or on a pension or benefits and consent to their doctor or hospital confirming their situation.
The centre will not be a re-homing centre and none of the dogs there will be available for rehoming.
It will not be like a zoo or a petting farm with dogs to view.

One of the main reasons for its location is no neighbours or passing people or vehicles to disturb the dogs.

Visitors will be strictly by appointment only and other than by previous appointment the centre is not open to the public.

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Centre and land

Kirsty Hays will be running in the 2014 Falkirk Kelpie 5K Supernova to raise funds for our Scottish Centre.
Please support her. Click here for information.

If you are interested in adopting a Border Collie from us, please phone 0845 604 4941 during office hours - (2 pm to 5 pm Tuesdays to Thursdays)
If you are unable to get through on our main office line or if you prefer, you can call our mobile
07707 485813 - see below
Calls for advice to our office and mobile will only be answered during our office hours - as above.
There is no voicemail on our mobile so you cannot leave a message.

Please do not write to us or email us about adoption - we want to speak to you before we start the process.