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The darker side of animal welfare

This section is reserved for 'Tales from the Dark Side' of the world of Border Collies, Working Sheepdogs and Animal Welfare issues, stories
and links.
What you may find linked from this page may shock and upset you, but will certainly inform you.....
On the basis that it's better to be upset and informed than happy, but ignorant, we urge you to read some of the information here
and visit some of these websites we link to and then make your own 'informed' decisions about the issues in question.

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Some stories linked below contain disturbing photographs of abused Dogs and other animals.
Videos from us further down the page

Cruel dog breeder banned from keeping animals following RSPCA raid on "disgusting" puppy farm
Callous dog breeder banned from owning animals for life after keeping 38 dogs & 18 cats in filthy makeshift pens in back garden and crates inside house.

Cats and dogs kept caged at Slough woman's home
A woman found with 23 dogs and cats living in filthy conditions at her home and two dead puppies in a bin has been convicted.

Leeds vet convicted of animal welfare offences to be struck off
A Vet who kept 12 dogs in squalid conditions in a cellar below his practice in Leeds is to be struck off following a disciplinary hearing.

Woman who helped peer compile the Animal Welfare Act admits string of cruelty charges
Sara Ross, who was assistant to Lord Houghton when he piloted the protection Bill through the Commons, ill-treated animals at a sanctuary she ran.

'Gentle giant' dog put down for 'looking dangerous' - calls for 'killer law' to be abolished
The calls from animal charity Blue Cross come after a "loving and well-behaved dog" was tragically put down

RSPCA ban Gloucestershire man from keeping animals after leaving dog to starve
He was also handed a 26-week prison sentence, suspended for two years. The dogs leg had to be amputated in order to help it survive.

Electric shock collars on dogs - arguements for and against.
The arguement for and against electric shock collars rumbles on. This article examines two views - one for, one against.

Outrage as Dogs Trust tries to torpedo the most important dog welfare measure for years
Campaigners "sickened" as Dogs Trust lobbies MPs against the Lucy's Law campaign to stop the horrors of puppy farming.

“All of the puppies are sick to some degree" - Unlicensed puppy farm exposed on TV documentary
A puppy farm near Boston has withdrawn its application for a licence after being featured on the BBC’s Rogue Traders.

Michael Gove in U-turn over shock collars for dogs and cats
Business and money take presidence over sensible, reasoned, good animal welfare practices - again!

Investigations launched after cockfighting and hare coursing are suspected in the county
Videos showed cockerels fighting and there were images of the defendants with a dog and dead hare with the comment ‘coursing today’.

Why Rescue Groups Should Be Regulated
The time has come to stop assuming that all rescue groups, shelters and humane societies are inherently a positive force in the lives of pets.
This article from the USA has a great deal of relevance to us here in the UK as many unreulated non-charitable rescues profit by exploiting
strays and people who find themselves in the situation of having to part with a much loved dog they can no longer look after.

RSPCA reveals horse cruelty crisis in Berkshire
Shocking new figures show the RSPCA had more than 100 complaints about cruelty to horses in Berkshire in 2017.

Pet owners told to avoid buying dogs with cropped ears, as illegal trend grows
The RSPCA has said it has seen a rising number of cases in which dogs have had their ears cropped or removed.

Puppy raid pair hit out at animal charity for ‘making them look like gangsters’
TWO people linked to an alleged puppy farm have accused an animal welfare charity of making them look “like gangsters”.

Residents demand answers as fox pictured trapped in cage at bowls club
Residents are outraged after a fox was pictured in a cage on the grounds of the bowls club in Coundon.

With temperatures climbing, a Dorset police officer has sent a strong message to pet owners.
Police officer says he's prepared to smash windows if people are 'selfish' enough to leave pets in hot cars

Vet helped gang con owners into buying sick and dying dogs from puppy farms
A vet who helped an illegal puppy-farming gang con animal-lovers into buying sick and dying dogs is facing jail.

North-east pair to fight effort to re-home nearly 100 dogs from alleged puppy farm
Two people involved with an alleged puppy farm in Aberdeenshire are to fight a bid to re-home nearly a hundred dogs.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon shares ‘anger’ over hare culling footage
Nicola Sturgeon has said legislation to protect mountain hares is among options being examined by the Scottish Government

Conservatives launch bid for new pet shop law to protect animals
Jeremy Balfour MSP has launched a consultation for a member’s bill to upgrade ‘outdated’ law on selling animals in pet shops.

Fox hunting protesters march in Edinburgh
The protesters took to the streets of Edinburgh to urge the Scottish Government to strengthen the law.

Two reported to prosecutors over 'puppy farm' raid
Two people have been reported to the procurator fiscal after dozens of dogs and puppies were seized at an alleged puppy farm in Aberdeenshire.

Dundee family issue warning after pet dog Sully ‘poisoned’ in garden
A family has warned dog owners to be vigilant amid fears their pet was deliberately poisoned — leaving him battling for his life.

Whitby Pair In Court Over Animal Neglect
Two people from near Whitby have appeared in court, following an RSPCA investigation into puppy farming.

Use Brexit freedoms to BAN inhumane slaughter of chickens in electric baths say activists
Each year 300 million chickens are stunned in the UK by being passed through electric baths before being slaughtered.

Parliament talks on the use of dogs in animal experiments begin
The UK is now the biggest reported user of animals in the EU with 3.9m experiments reported in 2016.

Animal welfare protections won't survive post-Brexit
FARMED ANIMALS are being readied for "sacrifice on the altar of free trade", according to a leading Green Party MEP.

Puppy farm 'breeding machine' thrown from moving van after reaching 'end of shelf life'
Peggy the dog was found in "quite a state" with a terrible skin condition, as well as being very "scared and nervous"

Dog rescue's dog as collie sniffs out puppy dumped in bin
Puppy Holly has begun her new life with a loving family after a dog of the same breed sniffed her out from the bin she was dumped in.

Dog injured after finding treat on the street with a razor in it
A dog owner, whose Siberan Husky was injured after trying to eat a snack with a razor blade inside, has warned others to watch out for spiked pet treats.

'Bad stock' of puppies found abandoned in field in Wendover
Puppies were found dumped at a farm in Wendover – the same spot where six dogs were abandoned last year.

The Government Is Making A Dog's Breakfast Of Animal Sentience Laws
This week, at Lords Committee on EU Withdrawal Bill, we will be battling about animal sentience – an issue that Ministers have been handling quite badly.

Norfolk puppy farm owner gets suspended sentence
A woman has been given a suspended jail sentence after admitting 17 charges relating to breeding puppies without a licence at her home.

Calls for new system for recording dog thefts after more than 50 go missing in Kent
Calls for a new system to record dog thefts have been made after the number of stolen pets across the county reached 50.

Donkey smuggler sentenced for trying to bring the animals into Wales without the proper paperwork
John Peter Luke Wilcock admitted five charges brought against him by Anglesey council when he appeared at Caernarfon magistrates court.

BCR Film about animal welfare issues - Is it Bad Enough for You?

Border Collie Rescue shares concerns about worldwide exploitation and abuse of animals with many other members of the animal rescue world.
This short video expresses some of those concerns.

BCR case history film - Natalia - RSPCA Cruelty Case

BCR case history film - Foot and Mouth Rescue

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