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Privacy, Personal Data and Cookies

Border Collie Rescue is a charitable institution operating under charitable law in England, Wales and Scotland.

Registered throughout the UK as Border Collie Rescue - Charity No 1128983 (UK) - Charity No SC040796 (Scotland) and incorporated as a Non Profit Distributing Charitable Company No 3037504.


This Privacy Statement sets out the way Border Collie Rescue collects, stores and processes personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the additional provisions of the 2018 EU General Data Protection Regulations, known in short as GDPR.

"Personal Data" is defined as any information which can be used to identify someone as an individual person.
Border Collie Rescue collects personal data for a variety of purposes related to the relationship the charity has with the individual person.
In doing this Border Collie Rescue is classed as a Data Controller.

Border Collie Rescue no longer stores any personal data electronically, online or on any of its computers, other than emails and email address's.
Border Collie Rescue will not share, sell or give personal data, with or to, any third party without the consent of the person to whom the data relates unless we have a legal obligation to provide such information to government or law enforcement agencies.
Personal data held by Border Collie Rescue is only accessible on a need to know basis to trustees, officers and staff who have have signed an agreement of confidentiality not to share or disclose such data and to keep it secure.
Border Collie Rescue does not partake in email, postal, telephone or other forms of mass or targeted marketing, promotional or fundraising campaigns and would only use personal data to contact individuals for the purposes set out below and in context of the charity's relationship with the individual person.

Border Collie Rescue recognises and respects the privacy of all people it comes into contact with as part of its work and does not want to retain or hold any personal information of any individual unless it is warranted for continuation of its work, the benefit of its clients or the security of the charity and its beneficiaries.

Border Collie Rescue holds personal data for the following purposes under the provisions of the GDPR:-


People may consent for Border Collie Rescue to hold personal data relating to them as an identifiable individual.
They may consent for their data to be held and used for a specified purpose or purposes or generally at the charities discretion.
Data may include their name and address, home or work landline telephone numbers, mobile telephone numbers, email address or addresses and any other contact or other personal information they consent to provide.
People can provide any data they wish Border Collie Rescue to hold and can remove consent for the charity to hold all, or any part, of their personal data at any time.
Data held by consent will be deleted, in whole or in part according to instructions, immediately consent is withdrawn.
Consent and withdrawal of consent must be in writing by email or post.


Border Collie Rescue holds personal data when there is a contractual service or arrangement between the charity and an individual and when an individual has asked the charity to initiate a possible contractual service or arrangement.

These circumstances will arise when an individual applies to the charity to adopt a dog or applies to gift their dog to the charity or applies for any form of grant or support from the charity or offers support to the charity with conditions attached by the charity or the individual offering support. There may also be other circumstances where personal data would be acquired and held for contractual or potential contractual reasons.

In cases where an application is made for any potential formal contractual service or arrangement, Border Collie Rescue will take the applicants contact name and address and issue a form to facilitate the application.
When the form is issued the applicants details are destroyed. No personally identifiable data is held at this stage.

If the applicant returns the form the charity will hold the form as supplied for a period of one month from its receipt in order for the applicant to phone the charity, verify receipt and 'activate' the form in order to proceed with the application.
If the applicant fails to 'activate' their application within the month, all personal details are physically removed from the form and destroyed. Non-identifiable information provided on the form may be retained for reference and statistical purposes.

Once an application is 'activated' the information on the form is held until the contract is implemented or until the individual cancels their request for a contractual service arrangement or until a period of 12 months has elapsed.
At that point all personal details are physically removed from the form and destroyed.
Non-identifiable information provided on the form may be retained for reference and statistical purposes.
If other information has been acquired from other sources about the applicant for the purposes of enabling the requested contractual service or arrangement to progress any information identifying any individual will be destroyed.

If the application results in a successful contract being drawn up between the charity and an individual all personally identifiable information provided by the individual, by third parties on behalf of the individual or acquired by the charity from other sources that is relevant to the contract is retained for the duration of the contract.
On termination of the contract all personal details relating to any individual held in relation to the contact is removed and destroyed. Non-identifiable information provided on the form may be retained for reference and statistical purposes.

The duration of a contract will depend on the nature of the contract.
If a dog is adopted from, or gifted to, the charity both contracts will remain effective until the death of the dog, at which point any personally identifiable data is removed and destroyed.
Non-identifiable information provided on the form may be retained for reference and statistical purposes.
If the dog is returned to the charity for any reason the contract of the adopter will cease but while the dog lives the contract of the individual who gifted the dog continues in effect.
In both cases, and in any other situation where personally identifiable details are held in relation to a dog, these details are held in a file indexed by a reference number issued to the dog and are kept on paper other than email addresses which may be kept in an electronic address book on a computer.
If the charity is not informed of the death of the dog, it's death will be presumed to have occurred at 18 years of age, to be calculated from the date given as the dogs date of birth when gifted or estimated if no other information is available.

In some circumstances an exchange of emails or letters will form a contractual relationship or the intent to form a contractual relationship without the need for a formal written contract.

Legitimate interests

Border Collie Rescue may hold personal data on the basis of a legitimate interest it may have with a third party.
This may include details of individuals submitting a gift aid declaration or offering to fundraise by sponsorship or other means that require a formal relationship to exist without a contractual obligation or to offer any means of support or service to the charity on a voluntary basis.
It may include details of individuals -
Who are acting as executor or representative for an estate in which Border Collie Rescue has been left a legacy, or -
Who have informed the charity that they intend to leave a legacy, be it financial or a dog or dogs, or-
Who represent or have been nominated as contacts by contracted clients, or -
Who have an association with a dog at any stage of its history or journey through rescue until it's death, or -
Who are acting as agents for suppliers, services or acting on behalf of contracted individuals, or -
Who's relationship with the charity requires the charity to retain personal data to enable the relationship to function.

Border Collie Rescue will delete and destroy any such data on the request of the individual to whom the data refers or at a point where the relationship ends and the retention of their personal data is no longer a legitimate interest of the charity.

Individuals right to access their personal data held by Border Collie Rescue

You can find out what sort of Personal Data is being held by Border Collie Rescue by writing to our registered office at 57, Market Place, Richmond, North Yorkshire. DL10 4JQ or by emailing us at
Please note that for your own security we may need you to provide some sort of proof of identity before we release information.
If we are required to photocopy paperwork and post it out we reserve the right to charge an appropriate fee.

You can also correct, update or request the removal of your Personal Data from our records at any time by sending an email to

Please note that we cannot delete or modify personally identifying information we hold for contractual purposes unless it is incorrect or the contract is terminated.
Deletion of data we hold for purposes of legitimate interests may result in the terminate the interest under which we are holding it, however it may be modified if it is inaccurate without detrimental results to the relationship.
Deletion of data held by consent may result in us not being able to contact the person again unless they contact us in future however it may be modified at any time.

How Border Collie Rescue retains and stores personal data

In the cases of releasing or adopting a dog, all paperwork is held and filed under the dogs name and reference number.
None of this information is held electronically other than any relevant email address.
We do not retain any financial/banking details of private individuals other than pertinent details of standing order payments shown on our bank statements. We do not take any form of payment by direct debit.
For the purposes of legal accountancy records, cheque payments to the charity are recorded in our paying in books by name of


Cookies are small files which are planted on any internet connected electronic device when you visit most websites.
They can be used for a variety of reasons. Some websites need cookies to function, others to trace where you have looked at or put in your basket when visiting shopping websites.
Some websites use cookies to track where you go on the internet and gather information about you.
Some websites allow 'third party cookies' to be planted on the devices of visitors to the website by people advertising on the site or providing services or information to the website owner.

Border Collie Rescue does not use cookies. We do not use any site analytical service that monitors the movements of people around our website or where they have come from or where they go when they leave.
We do not allow adverts on any of our websites.
We seek to try and prevent any third party, social media website, search engines - in fact anyone - from monitoring our website and our website visitors.

We embed videos from our official YouTube channels using YouTube’s privacy-enhanced mode.
This mode may set cookies from YouTube on your computer once you click on the YouTube video player but YouTube will not plant a cookie unless a video is watched.
If a video is watched the cookies planted will not store personally-identifiable information for playbacks of embedded videos using the privacy-enhanced mode. Cookies planted by YouTube can be blocked by your browser without affecting playback.

Controlling Cookies

Cookies can be useful but they can also be very invasive.
If you do not want websites planting cookies on your computer you can change your browser setting to block them.
There are a number of settings that give you some control over what type cookies are allowed to be placed on your computer. These settings will vary with the type of browser your are using.
You should make yourself familiar with how to change cookie settings on your browser.

The safest browser settings are to block all cookies and only allow websites you trust and use regularly to plant session cookies on your browser by adding them to your 'exceptions' file. If possible also set your browser to reject all third party cookies. Finally set your browser to delete all cookies when you close it down.
Session cookies are set to expire at the end of a session viewing a website but most will persist until the browser is closed and will continue to monitor your internet activity and send information back to their owners.
To avoid this you should clear all cookies when you leave a website.

Many websites, but newspaper websites and social media websites in particular plant tracking cookies so they can gather and sell data about peoples internet usage to third parties. Block them where possible and if you do need to allow cookies to use a website clear all cookies when you leave it.
Websites that use analytical cookies to gather information about visitors also share that information with the analytics company that supplies the service. This enables the company to obtain information that allows them to track your movements around the internet.
Websites that have social media links embedded feed information about visitors movements to the social media companies and also allow the social media companies to plant cookies on their visitors computers to enable them to be tracked as they move around the internet.

In most cases websites do not need cookies to provide their service or information.
In some cases cookies only help the website look better or stop irritating pop up boxes appearing every time you move from page to page.
For some, like retail sites or comparison sites or surveys, some cookies are an essential aspect of their function.
If you come across websites that will not allow you access unless you allow it to place cookies we would regard it as very suspicious and leave it alone and look for the service, information or content elswhere.

Information about what you do and who you are and where you go is your information.
It belongs to you and should not be monitored or used by anyone else for personal gain, profit or even for statistics - unless you agree. You should not be obliged to agree in order to obtain services or access.
If anyone should be paid for your personal information it should be you

If you are interested in adopting a Border Collie from us,
please phone 07707 485813 during office hours. (2 pm to 5 pm Tuesdays to Thursdays)
Calls for advice to our office and mobile will only be answered during our office hours - as above.
There is no voicemail on our mobile so you cannot leave a message.

Please do not write to us or email us about adoption - we want to speak to you before we start the process.