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We have designed this website to provide information. We are not so interested in slide shows, although we do have one in the Fun section.
We are not so interested in special effects, bangs and whistles or slick transitions. They don't do much to inform and can be distracting.
We do like pictures of dogs so there are a lot on the site, some illustrating the information and others illustrating pages - like above.
You will not find pictures of dogs waiting to be re-homed. We don't work like that. The dogs we show have been rehomed. Happy Dogs!
It is a fairly simple site because we run it ourselves instead of paying someone else to run it for us. There are no cookies, no analytics, no intrusive technology. No third party cookies unless you click on a YouTube video we host. No social media and no-one tracking you here.
We hope you find the site useful. If you have found difficulty in understanding the navigation scroll down and more will be revealed.
Thank you for visiting. Our best wishes to you and your dogs.

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Information about how to navigate around this website

We are currently updating this website. It is large with over 600 pages and will take us a while. On some pages the navigation strip and page colour code mentioned below will not be as complete as it will be when we have finished.
Updated pages are all the same width on screen. Those we have yet to update vary in width.

Our website is divided into sections like 'Breed Profile' - 'Breed Advice' - 'Dogs in Care' etc.
The main sections are available on each page in the blue box at the top of the page.

There are other sections which can be found through links on the home page and on the main pages of the main sections.
Each section contains links to other pages relevant to the subject of the section. These are often in menus on the side of the page.
Each section has a main page and also has its own unique colour (this section is Gold) in the boxes and footers of each page within it.
There may be many pages in a section. These may branch off the main page or a subsection of the main page.
Imagine each section to be an upside down tree where the main trunk branches out and the branches separate into smaller branches.

The blue box is always at the top of any page you are viewing unless that page has been designed to be viewed in a separate window to the main website. These 'stand alone' pages open in a new window that you should close when you have finished with them.

Under the blue box is a navigation strip that indicates where you are in a particular section of the site and shows a 'breadcrumb' trail of how you got there and links to take you back through the path you followed . It always has a link back to the home page.

The navigation strip and the side menus are designed to always stay on the screen as the page is scrolled up or down so they are always available. Menus and navigations trips both contains a link to jump back to the top of the page.

The navigation strip is designed to stay at the top of the screen. There is one on this page.

The menus and navigation strip will only work if you have Javascript enabled on your computer.
If not they will move up as you scroll the page down and disappear off the top of the screen. They will reappear if you scroll up.

Some of the other functions of the site rely on Java but if you don't have it enabled you will still be able to access all the pages.

Some pages are cross linked to pages in another section. These normally have links to get you back to the original page.
Some pages are connected in a sequence which can be followed by using a 'next in sequence' link or following a 'trail' indicated by a symbol you will find on the page. These trails may take you in a circuit around different sections of the site, linking pages that have relevance to a particular subject. If you follow them you will always get back to the page you started from.

If you get lost you will always have the blue box at the top of the page to get back to a section you want to or to find our home page.
We hope you enjoy this website. Please contact us of you have any problems or if you enjoy the experience

The website map page may provided you with a link that will take you directly to something you are looking for.
It contains links to all sections and some of the most relevant pages within them.