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Quote - "Be wary on the city streets at twilight - for the night is dark and full of terriers"


Making pet theft or abduction a specific criminal offence was part of the 'Kept Animals Bill' that the government dropped in May 2023.
The bill had wide cross party support.

We need to bring this matter to their attention -  again.
Here is a Petition - Please sign it to bring the matter back for Parliamentary debate.

A Look at The light Side

Some Interesting Historical sheepdog Documents

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Click on the above to visit 'The Meatrix' - An Educational Insight into intensive farming

Click here for some ideas of how to keep your Border Collie amused and occupied
By Crufts Competitive Obedience Winner and Dog Trainer - Jenni Watson


Meet some of the dogs that work at the BCR centre

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If you are interested in adopting a Border Collie from us,
please do not write to us or email us - we want to speak to you before we start the process.
Please phone us during office hours. Details here.

Calls to our office and mobile will only be answered during our office hours