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Holidaymaker bitten by border collie belonging to Llanrwst owner of cottage where she stayed
A 73-year-old woman’s walking holiday had been ruined when she was bitten on her leg by a border collie, Llandudno court heard

Emmerdale viewers left in tears by heartbreaking puppy farm scenes
But fans praised the show for addressing the issue of dog abuse.

Leeds vet convicted of animal welfare offences to be struck off
A Vet who kept 12 dogs in squalid conditions in a cellar below his practice in Leeds is to be struck off following a disciplinary hearing.

Animal rescues cost fire service £350k in Northern Ireland
An elephant, a parrot and a hawk were among 152 animals rescued by the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service since April 2017.

'Gentle giant' dog put down for 'looking dangerous' - calls for 'killer law' to be abolished
The calls from animal charity Blue Cross come after a "loving and well-behaved dog" was tragically put down

Tory MP blocks law to protect police dogs and horses from getting stabbed.
Government-backed plans to give police dogs and horses extra legal protections from attacks have been blocked by Tory MP Sir Christopher Chope.

Electric shock collars on dogs - arguements for and against.
The arguement for and against electric shock collars rumbles on. This article examines two views - one for, one against.

Glasgow vet and dog banned from pole-dancing at fundraiser by Kennel Club. Routine too raunchy.
Rebecca Kennedy and Izzy were told their pole-dancing routine was 'not suitable for family audiences'

Sheep worrying breakthrough
MSP Emma Harper announced a consultation towards strengthening the rules on responsible dog ownership around livestock and wildlife.

Outrage as Dogs Trust tries to torpedo the most important dog welfare measure for years
Campaigners "sickened" as Dogs Trust lobbies MPs against the Lucy's Law campaign to stop the horrors of puppy farming.

What’s that Lassie? Your owner’s stuck in brambles on the outskirts of Plymouth?
Pensioner, 75, hails her ‘hero’ border collie who ran for help after she got lost during walk

Scotland needs its own law to protect puppies
DOGS, as we all know, are our best friends. Ginger the actual Wee Ginger Dug is the independence movement’s best friend.

Michael Gove in U-turn over shock collars for dogs and cats
Business and money take presidence over sensible, reasoned, good animal welfare practices - again!

Controversy over vaccinations now spreading to pets
Dogs cannot get ‘autism’, British Veterinary Association warns after ‘anti-vaxx’ movement spread to pets

Why Rescue Groups Should Be Regulated
The time has come to stop assuming that all rescue groups, shelters and humane societies are inherently a positive force in the lives of pets.
This article from the USA has a great deal of relevance to us here in the UK as many unreulated non-charitable rescues profit by exploiting
strays and people who find themselves in the situation of having to part with a much loved dog they can no longer look after.

Tory Michael Gove is drawing up plans to ban boiling lobsters alive
He's bowing to pressure from campaigners - but it could land him in hot water with foodies and chefs

Dog owners warned of a tough CRACKDOWN for leaving pets in sweltering cars
DOG owners leaving pets in sweltering hot cars are facing a new “hard line” offensive from frontline animal welfare investigators.

Dog survives night injured on beach after 130ft fall
A DOG miraculously survived falling 130ft off a cliff and spent all night lying injured on the beach.

A CHORLEY vet is warning dog owners after a second ‘suspected’ case of Alabama Rot in the town.
WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES: Chorley Vets raise awareness about Alabama Rot after 'suspected' case in town

Dumfries House recruit is top dog
There are staff from numerous backgrounds at the Estate but Border Collie sheepdog Gel is a different breed of worker.

Michael Gove considers ban on exporting animals for slaughter after Brexit
Michael Gove has issued a call for evidence for a potential ban on the export of live animals for slaughter after Brexit.

Farm animal welfare takes precedence over right of access in Scotland
Anyone accessing farmland should be aware they are crossing a place of rural business and treat it respectfully

Conservatives launch bid for new pet shop law to protect animals
Jeremy Balfour MSP has launched a consultation for a member’s bill to upgrade ‘outdated’ law on selling animals in pet shops.

Dundee family issue warning after pet dog Sully ‘poisoned’ in garden
A family has warned dog owners to be vigilant amid fears their pet was deliberately poisoned — leaving him battling for his life.

Long-serving canine members of Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team to retire
TWO long-serving search dogs who joined Calder Valley Search And Rescue Team more than a decade ago have retired.

Barry family devastated after dog dies from suspected case of Alabama Rot
Warning - A family from Barry in Wales has been left devastated after one of their much-loved dogs fell victim to a lethal disease.

Dog rescue's dog as collie sniffs out puppy dumped in bin
Puppy Holly has begun her new life with a loving family after a dog of the same breed sniffed her out from the bin she was dumped in.

Wild animals in travelling circuses to be banned in England from 2020
Government commits to introducing legislation during five-year review of The Welfare of Wild Animals in Travelling Circuses (England) Regulations 2012.

Calls for new system for recording dog thefts after more than 50 go missing in Kent
Calls for a new system to record dog thefts have been made after the number of stolen pets across the county reached 50.

Heroic border collie nominated for Crufts Friends for Life award
Search and Rescue Border Collie, Taz, is nominated in the Extraordinary Life of a Working Dog category of the Friends for Life awards

Ross Thompson MP urges Teresa May to ban electric shock collar
Electric shock devices in dog training should be outlawed, a Conservative MP has said.

Could your dog be DNA tested if suspected of a livestock attack?
Dog owners could see pets DNA tested and find themselves tried by judge and jury under new policing recommendations to stop attacks on farm animals.

Slaughterhouse CCTV legislation laid
OVs will have “unfettered access” to footage, to ensure the highest standards of animal welfare, from May when the new law comes into effect.