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Welcome to our web pages.

The breed information and advice about Border Collies on our website is appropriate to the breed anywhere in the world.

Please use either of these two links to find out more about Border Collies as a breed - our Breed Profile and Breed Advice sections contain a growing amount of material and articles that are useful to all Border Collie owners.

On this page are links to some countries with SPCA' and General Animal Welfare organisations.
If you know of a country with an SPCA or Domestic and Pet animal rescue that is not listed, please let us know.

If you are seeking to Adopt or Re-home a Border Collie please support the efforts of registered African non-profit, charitable organisations in your own country or state. To find your nearest, scroll through the links below.
Don't buy a dog - Rescue one.

The links below are provided for information purposes - the existence of a link does not imply that Border Collie Rescue recommends or approves of the information provided by the website or the organisation it links to.

Many African countries do not have a National SPCA or any specific organisations set up to care for the Domestic or Pet animal population. There are many organisations operating in Africa for the preservation of wild species.
Some are based in Africa - others abroad. They often cover many countries.
Our list below is of organisations you can approach over issues relating to Domestic and Pet animals, although their operations often cover wider issues. If we have not been able to locate a domestic animal rescue in an African country, that country will not be named in our list.

The list is not definitive and we welcome suggestions for additions - especially from countries not listed.
If you come across a case of animal cruelty, abuse, poaching or unlicensed hunting/exportation of endangered species, please report it to your SPCA. If you are concerned about these issues or other issues of animal testing, animal welfare and animal care, you will be able to get further information and support campaigns by contacting your National SPCA or visiting their websites using the links below.

Ascension IIsland

Ascension Island - SPCA - No website -


Botswana SPCA -


Cairo Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - P.O. Box 166,Ramses, Cairo. Tel: + 20 (2) 235 2098:Fax: + 20 (2) 231 0062
Egyptian Society of Animal Friends -
Society for the Protection of Animal Rights in Egypt -


Homeless Animals Protection Society (HAPS) - No website - email:,


Ghana Society for the Protection & Care of Animals, Accra - No website -email: -
Ghana Society for the Protection & Care of Animals, Kumasi - No website -email:


Kenya Society for the Protection and Care of Animals - NAIROBI -
Kenya Society for the Protection and Care of Animals - Mombasa - No website - email:
Vegetarian Society of Kenya Rescue - No website - email:


Mauritius - SPCA - P.O. Box 128, Rose Hill. Tel: + 230 454 1890: Fax: + 230 466 7459
Protection of Animals Welfare Society -


La Société Protectrice des Animaux et de la Nature (SPANA du Maroc) -
Union Marocaine pour la Proctecion des Animaux - Refuge de l'UMPA-


Swakopmund - SPCA - - email:
Tsumeb - SPCA - No website - email:


Nigeria Animal Welfare Foundation - No website - email:


Seychelles Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - No website - email:

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Animal Welfare Association - No website - email:

South Africa

Gauteng BCR - South Africa - See BCR links below
National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - Main Website -

St Helena Island

RSPCA - St. Helena Branch - Box 10, JAMESTOWN, S Atlantic Ocean. Tel: + 290 3209: Fax: + 290 3058


Sudanese Animal Care - P.O. Box 227, EL Obied, Kordufan State. Tel: + 249 (6112) 7145: Fax: + 249 (6112) 7145


Swaziland Animal Welfare Society - No website - email:


Tanzania - SPCA - P.O. Box 1844, Dar Es Salaam, Tel: + 255 (51) 150 775
Dar Animal Haven -
Arusha Society for the Protection of Animals - No website - email:


Tunis - S.P.A. - Boulevard Du 3 Ao-t, Boîte Postale 167, 1009 EL Quardia, Tunis, Tel: + 216 (1) 390 167: Fax: + 216 (1) 397 696.


Uganda Society for the Protection and Care of Animals - No website - email:
Uganda Women's Organic Vegetarian and Nature Conservation Society - No website - email:
Ddumba Tuule- Kampala - No website - email:
Katuuso Self Help Association - Kampala - No website - email:
Mengo Animal Charity - Kampala - No website - email:


Chingola - SPCA - P.O. Box 10320, Chingola.
Lusaka - SPCA - P.O. Box 33534, Lusaka.
Ndola - SPCA - P.O. Box 72142, Ndola.
Nkana/ Kitwe - SPCA - P.O. Box 22353. Kitwe
Lusaka Animal Welfare Society - Gerritz Restaurant, Box 30258, 26, Chaholi Road, Rhodes Park, Lusaka. Tel: + 260 (1) 253 639: Fax: + 260 (1) 255 682
The Zambian Society of Vegetarians - P.O. Box 40728, Mufulira. Tel - Fax: + 260 (2) 410 211

Border Collie Breed Rescue Specialists

There is only one country we know of in Africa with a rescue organisation specifically for Border Collies. If you know of a specialist Border Collie Rescue group in any other African country, please advise us.

South Africa - Gauteng Border Collie Rescue