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Welcome to our web pages.

The breed information and advice about Border Collies on our website is appropriate to the breed anywhere in the world.

Please use any of the links above to find out more about Border Collies as a breed - the Breed Profile and Breed Advice sections contain a growing amount of material and articles that are useful to all Border Collie owners.

On this page are links to some countries with SPCA' and General Animal Welfare organisations.
If you know of an SPCA or Domestic and Pet animal rescue that is not listed, please let us know.

If you are seeking to Adopt or Re-home a Border Collie please support the efforts of registered Canadian non-profit, charitable organisations in your own country or state. To find your nearest, scroll through the links below.
Don't buy a dog - Rescue one.

The links below are provided for information purposes - the existence of a link does not imply that Border Collie Rescue recommends or approves of the information provided by the website or the organisation it links to.

Canadian Animal Welfare Links and Contacts

Canadian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Website (French) -

Some local SPCA Contacts
Alberta - No website - email - - FaceBook
British Columbia -
Ontario -
Montreal -


Humane Society Canada -
Calgary Humane Society -
Edmonton Humane Society -

Border Collie Specialist Rescue Organisations
Winnipeg - Hulls Haven Border Collie Rescue-
Vancouver - That'll Do Border Collie Rescue - No Website - email - - FaceBook
New Brunswick - Border Collie Rescue Ontario -

Canadian Border Collie and Herding Dog Associations
Canadian Border Collie Association -
Alberta Stock Dog Association -
British Columbia Stock Dog Association -
Saskatchewan Working Stock Dog Association -
Ontario Border Collie Club -

Other Canadian Animal Websites
Agility Association of Canada -
For a list of various all species animal rescues in Canada -
Canadian Voice for animals -