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jess This page is dedicated to the memory of Jennifer and Jess Jess
In Loving Memory of our daughter, Jennifer Pauline Fisher (nee Blott) and our pet border collie, Jess.
Jennifer would be 45 on 10th Sept 2022, but sadly died in a car accident on 8th Dec 05. Jess passed away 16th June 01.
As Jennifer grew up nothing gave her greater pleasure than walking Jess. Now she walk her every day, for eternity.

We Love You Both
Mum, Dad and all your family.

Information and links for visitors from the USA

Welcome to our web pages.

The breed information and advice about Border Collies on our website is appropriate to the breed anywhere in the world.

Please use either of these two links to find out more about Border Collies as a breed - our Breed Profile and Breed Advice sections contain a growing amount of material and articles that are useful to Border Collie owners.

On this page are links to some Border Collie specialists, Humane Societies and Animal Shelters.
If you know of any non profits that are not listed, please let us know.

If you are seeking to Adopt or Re-home a Border Collie please support the efforts of registered non-profit and charitable organisations in your own State or the nearest to you. To find your nearest, scroll through the links below.
Don't buy a dog - Rescue one.

The links below are provided for information purposes - the existence of a link does not imply that Border Collie Rescue recommends or approves of the information provided by the website or the organisation it links to.

The value of pets in supporting people with cancers -

United States of America Animal Welfare Links and Contacts

Our list below is of organisations you can approach over issues relating to Border Collies. If we have not been able to locate such a rescue in a particular State, that State is not included in our list unless it is covered by another State.
This list is not definitive and we would welcome suggestions for additions.

if you come across a case of animal cruelty, abuse, poaching or unlicensed hunting/exportation of endangered species, please report it to your local ASPCA branch. If you are concerned about these issues or other local issues of animal testing, animal welfare and animal care, you can get further information and support campaigns via the ASPCA.

General Animal Welfare links -

Training and Behaviour
Association of Professional Dog trainers USA -
American Dog Trainers Network -


Law and Veterinary
Dogs and the law in the USA -
Dog Bite Law -
American Veterinary Medical Association -
Veterinary Homeopathy -

Boarding and other Help and Assistance
American Rare Breed Dog Association -
US Dog Sitters, Dog Walkers and Dog Daycare -

Border Collie Breed Rescue Specialists in the USA

The Rescue links below are divided (alphabetically) into States.

This list is not definitive and will be updated if more organisations come to our attention.
We encourage you to use bona fide registered non profit organisations and avoid using private enterprise individuals, but we cannot vouch that all the links below are to genuine non-profits and would appreciate feedback and comments.

There are a large number of BC rescue groups in the USA. Some cover one State - some cover more.
Not every State has one and some have more than one.
We have provided links to the websites of the various organisations under the name of the State in which they have their base. Emails are provided where there is no website.
If a rescue covers more than one State it is also listed in the other States it covers.

To find the closest rescue to you, first look for the name of the State you live in. If it has a rescue based in that State, use the link to contact them. If we know it is covered by a rescue from another State, it will say so. If your State is not listed then we do not know of a rescue covering it and you should try your nearest neighbouring State. We cannot guarantee that all the rescues we list are 501(c) registered non profits, however we do recommend that you check before dealing with them and only use genuine charitable groups.

Scroll or click. The list is arranged alphabetically by State/Region name beginning with -

(A) - (C) - (D) - (F) - (G) - (H) - (I) - (K) - (L) - (M) - (N) - (O) - (P) - (R) - (S) - (T) - (V) - (W)


Alabama - See Georgia (AMBCR)

Alaska - Northern Borders Border Collie Rescue - No website - email:

Arkansas - (Ozarks BCR used to cover but we do not have any links)

Arizona - Arizona Border Collie Rescue -
Arizona - See California BCR


California BCR -
California - (Northern BCR) -
California - (Southern) -

Carolina BCR -
Carolina - See also Columbia (Blue Ridge BCR)

Colorado - We have no listings for this State

Columbia - (Blue Ridge BCR) -

Connecticut - Glen Highland BCR - (
Connecticut - (New England BCR) -


Delaware - (Mid Atlantic BCR) -


Florida - We have no listing for this State


Georgia - (Appalachian Mountains BCR) -


Hawaii BCR - No website - email -


Illinois - (Great Lakes BCR) -
Illinois - See also Wisconsin BCR
Illinois -
See also Wisconsin (Midwest BCR)

Idaho - Inland NorthWest BCR - no website -

Iowa -
See Wisconsin - (Midwest BCR)
Iowa - See also Wisconsin BCR

Indiana - See also - Wisconsin BCR
Indiana - See also - Wisconsin (Midwest BCR)
Indiana - See also - Illinois (Great Lakes BCR)


Kansas - Kansas (Mo-Kan BCR)

Kentucky - We have no listings for this State


Louisiana - See Texas (Texas BCR)


Maine - See Connecticut (New England BCR)

Maryland - See Delaware or Columbia

Massachusetts - See Connecticut (New England BCR)

Michigan - See Connecticut (New England BCR)

Minnesota BCR -We have no link for this group
Minnesota - See Wisconsin BCR
Minnesota - See also Wisconsin (Midwest BCR)

Missouri - See Kansas (Mo Kan BCR)
Missouri - See also Wisconsin (Midwest BCR)

Montana - We have no listing for this State


New Hampshire - See Connecticut (New England BCR)

New Jersey BCR - No website
New Jersey - See also Delaware (Mid Atlantic BCR)
New Jersey - See also Connecticut (Glen Highlands Farm BCR)
New Jersey - See also Connecticut (New England BCR)

New Mexico BCR - We have no link for this group

New York - See Delaware (Mid Atlantic BCR)
New York - See also Connecticut (New England BCR)
New York - See also Connecticut (Glen Highlands BCR)


Ohio - (Buckeye BCR) -

Oklahoma BCR - No website email:

Oregon BCR - No website email:
Oregon - (Pacific North West BCR) -


Pennsylvania - See Delaware (Mid Atlantic BCR)
Pennsylvania - - See also Connecticut (Glen Highlands BCR)


Rhode Island - See Connecticut (New England BCR)
Rhode Island - - See also Connecticut (Glen Highland BCR)


South Dakota - - We have no listing for this State


Tennessee - East Tennessee BCR -

Texas BCR -


Vermont - See Connecticut (New England BCR)

Virginia - See Georgia - (Appalachian Mountains BCR)
Virginia and West Virginia - - See Columbia (Blue Ridge BCR) Virginia (North) and West Virginia - See also Delaware (Mid Atlantic BCR)


Washington - See Oregon (Pacific North West BCR)

Wisconsin - Wisconsin BCR -
Wisconsin - (Midwest BCR) -
Wisconsin - See also Illinois (Great Lakes BCR)

Wyoming - We have no have a listing for this State

Other useful contacts

Border Collie Society of America -

The Links below are to websites that work in the canine world. Dog Associations. Stock dog and sheepdog Associations and groups.
Even sheep and agricultural websites Not necessarily collie or rescue orientated.
We do not encourage the taking on of a Border Collie puppy as a pet, so there are no links to websites where you can by a puppy - unless you want a stock dog to herd.

The North American Sheepdog Society - Rossine Kirsch, Rt.3 Box 107, McCleansboro, Illinois 62859

American Border Collie and Dog Websites with some sheep and agricultural links thrown in

The International Sheepdog Society (ISDS)

The American Stockdog Server -

United States Border Collie Handlers Association -

American Border Collie Association -

Border Collie Society of America -

American Border Collie Network -

American Kennel Club -

Association of American Working Trials Societies -

North American Flyball Association -

United States Agility Association -

The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy -